A Feature-Packed Platform
to Make Your Events Awesome


Fee-Free Ticketing - Sell tickets for free, even for paid events. Yes, it’s really free! Get ready to save a lot of money.

Process Payments with Stripe - A seamless checkout experience and you’ll get paid fast. Typically it’s 2-7 days after each ticket is sold.

Custom Order Form - Collect any data you want during the checkout process to help you better understand your attendees.

Multiple Pricing Tiers - Create as many ticket types with different prices as you need.

Ticket Sale Widget - Have your own website? Sell tickets directly on it with our embeddable ticket sale widget. Attendees won’t even be redirected.

Custom Design - Your tickets include your event logo and you can even pick the colors to match your event’s theme.

Availability Ranges - Set the date and time for when each ticket type is on sale. This is great for future onsale dates.

Access Codes - Limit who can purchase tickets by requiring an access code. This also lets you make your tickets either visible or hidden.

Max/Min Order Size - Set a range for how many tickets can be purchased in a single order.

Multiple Currency Support - We support a variety of currencies across many different countries.

Discount Codes - Offer unique discounts on your tickets to drive more sales.


Full Design Control - Customize everything from the fonts and colors to the header image.

HTML Editor - Have full HTML control over the event information so you can include rich media and photos.

Mobile Optimized - Looks great on mobile so you can effortlessly convert mobile web visitors to attendees.

Custom URL - Choose a website URL that is as unique as your event.

Event Content - Add sections for different event content like your schedule, key people, sponsors, and more.

SEO - Designed with SEO in mind so major search engines can easily find and link to your events.

Designed to Be Shared - We make it effortless for attendees to share your event on social media and invite their friends.


Organizer Page - Create a custom page to promote all of your events from one spot. You can pick the images, colors, logo, and URL.

Add Promoters - Track the effectiveness of different promotional sources. We highlight traffic generated, tickets sold, and overall conversion.

Turn Attendees into Evangelists - We make sharing your event ridiculously easy for attendees. It’s like turning a swarm of people into evangelists for your event.

Post to Social Media - Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ with premade posts or write your own.

Website Badges - Add a badge to your own website that links to your event website.


Email Attendees - Send custom, HTML emails to your attendees.

In-App Notifications - Send short messages to attendees who are in your mobile community, even if the app isn’t open. Messages are delivered as push notifications.


Activity Feed - See a Facebook-like feed of all the activity around your event as it happens, everything from ticket sales to administrative actions like refunds.

Event Metrics - Keep up with your most critical metrics in real-time. We show metrics like revenue, tickets sold, and page views.

Top Ticket Sales - Quickly see what the top selling tickets are and know what percentage of those tickets were sold.


Activity Feed - See a live feed of the latest activity around your event. This includes ticket sales, refunds, manual orders, and more.

Dashboard - View your key event metrics like revenue, tickets sold, page views, attendees in the mobile community, and percentage of attendees checked in.

Attendee List - A searchable list of your event’s attendees. You can even view detailed data on each attendee as well as information about their order.

Check in Attendees - Swipe attendees to check them in or out of your event.

Scan Tickets - Use the integrated QR code scanner to quickly scan tickets. This is great to prevent duplicate tickets from being used.

Send In-App Notifications - Reach every attendee in your mobile community instantly via push notifications. Messages can even be received if their app is closed.

Works Offline - Check in attendees and scan tickets even if the device is offline. It’ll sync with our servers once connectivity is restored.

Syncs with Multiple Devices - Use the app on multiple devices to speed up check in. The data will be synced in real-time with other devices.


Buy Tickets - Find events and buy tickets directly through the app.

Access Tickets - All purchased tickets can be accessed on demand.

Passbook Integration - Add tickets directly to your Passbook for quick access on the day of the event.

Real-Time Notifications - Receive instant push notifications from event organizers. Perfect for during the event.

Social Feed - See a live feed of the tweets around the event hashtag and tweet directly to it.

Schedule - Keep up with the event’s activities by viewing a full schedule of events. Attendees can even star activities to create their own agendas and receive reminders.

Key People - See detailed profiles of the speakers, artists, judges, or other key people at the event.

Share Events on Social Media - Share your favorite events on different social networks.

Invite Friends to Events - Invite friends through Facebook, SMS, email, and link sharing.

Apple Maps Integration - See where the event is and navigate to it in Apple Maps with one tap.

Venue Maps - Know where to go around the event by viewing interactive maps of the venue.

Social Events - Plan a get together for other attendees. Perfect for happy hours, informal meetups, and after parties.

Sponsors - View sponsor profiles to see who’s helping to put on the event.

Exhibitors - View exhibitor profiles for exhibition/trade show style events.