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Kentucky Buses to People's Climate March

Kentucky Buses to People's Climate March

September 20th 6:00 am - 22nd, 8:00 am

Columbus Cir

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Sept. 12 update: Louisville/Lexington bus is full, with a short wait-list. This bus departs Louisville at 6:00 AM and Lexington @ 7:15 am on Saturday, Sept. 20.

Wait-list. If you get the “sold-out” message when attempting to buy a seat on this ticketing site, then you can: (1) sign up for the wait-list in case bus seats or ride-shares become available; and (2) look for seats on the Greenpeace Lexington bus described below. You can do both, but please let me know what your intentions are.

2nd bus from Lexington! There is now a 2nd Kentucky bus from Lexington, organized by Greenpeace, departing Lexington on Friday, Sept. 19, at 7:00 pm, returning to Lexington at 7 am Monday morning, Sept. 22. Prices are $25-$125. Here is the separate ticketing site for that bus.

If anyone who is already signed up for our Sierra Club Louisville/Lexington bus wants to switch to the Greenpeace Lexington bus, you are free to do so. Just contact the organizer and your payment will be refunded. 


Kentuckians (and maybe others),


And to do that, we need to have everyone on board. So join us – Cumberland Chapter of Sierra Club and 350 Louisville - we will do everything we can to help you get there.

The basics: We have one chartered coach bus from Louisville/Lexington to New York and back. You can get tickets to this bus on this site. On a different site, you can get tickets for a Greenpeace-chartered bus from Lexington to NYC.

Itinerary. The planned itinerary for our one Louisville/Lexington bus is: depart Louisville on Saturday, September 20, at 6 am. Stop to pick up marchers in Lexington @ 7:15 am. Arrive in New York City @ 8 pm. Depart New York City on Sunday, September 21 @ 6 pm. Arrive Lexington @ 6:30 am and Louisville @ 8 am on Monday morning, September 22. This itinerary is subject to minor (a few hours) change. However, if you sign up for this bus because you need to be back on Monday morning, then you will be back on Monday morning.

Fares. The fares are on a sliding scale. We expect to receive some subsidy, so full fare is 75% of the projected cost, low fare is 50% of projected cost, and student fare is 25% of projected cost. Please pay as much as you can and as your conscience dictates. Also there are some scholarships available; if interested, please Email us (see “Contact” below). We are committed to the proposition that no one will be denied transportation due to inability to pay.

Donations. Please consider making an extra donation on this site to compensate for those who pay less than full fare (“buy” any combination of “donation tickets” below). Thank you.

Refund policy: We recognize that things come up and plans change. We are willing to provide a full refund for tickets up to one week prior to the event. After Saturday, September 13th, no refunds will be given without a compelling reason. This deadline does not apply to anyone who is already signed up for Sierra Club's Louisville/Lexington bus and wants to switch to the Greenpeace Lexington bus; such a person may get a refund until September 19th.

Lodging: For Saturday night, we have obtained free lodging on the floors of a few buildings at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, from which there is good subway access to the march location. You will need to bring a bedroll of some sort. Please advise if you’re making your own lodging arrangements or if you have special needs (see "Contact" below).

KY boarding locations. (1) Louisville: Walmart Supercenter, 12981 Shelbyville Rd, Middletown, KY 40243, the southeast corner of the parking lot. (2) Lexington: Walmart Supercenter, 2350 Grey Lag Way Road, Lexington, KY 40509, end of lot away from store.

Other modes of transportation:

Train. There is a train going to NYC from California that has stops in Chicago and northern Indiana. Here are Details for connecting with this group. This train arrives in NYC on Thursday evening, Sept 18.

Ride-sharing. There is a People’s Climate March rideshare board here. Also we are glad to help coordinate ride shares from Kentucky. Contact us if interested (see “Contact” below).

Whatever mode of travel you use, please let us know that you’re going to NYC so that we can keep track of our numbers and keep you apprised of plans of the Kentucky contingent (see “Contact” below).

This People’s Climate March for Kentucky folks is being coordinated by the Cumberland (Kentucky) Chapter of Sierra Club and by 350 Louisville. We welcome you and hope to see you. Let’s build community!

Do not hesitate to contact us ( by clicking “Email” below.


Columbus Cir

Columbus Cir
New York, New York

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Drew Foley

This People’s Climate March organizing for Kentucky is being coordinated by the Cumberland (Kentucky) Chapter of Sierra Club and by 350 Louisville. We welcome you and hope to see you. Let’s build community!

Do not hesitate to contact us ( by clicking “Email” below.

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